Winning on Every Shelf with Karim Iskandar and Ben Rund from Syndigo, the Active Content Engine

In today’s real-time economy, shoppers can quickly find what they want and buy it. There’s an urgent need for companies to serve content that is complete, consistent, and accurate, wherever the customer is—or risk losing the sale.

The way FMCG products’ data is displayed online can make or break its success on that channel and also in the physical store. In order to better understand how brands can win in every shelf in the 21st century, we invited Karim Iskandar and Ben Rund from Syndigo to better understand what good looks like through:

– Analysing the current scenario for FMCG Brands and Retailers

– The current dynamics in Europe

– Product Data display in an omni-channel shopping experience

– How active content can help your brand win

– Syndigo’s best practices

– Cross FMCG-Retail data management