Mauricio Pordomingo, Human Resources & Talent VP: HR’s Seat at the Table

Can HR truly become a strategic powerhouse, shaping the narrative and direction of a global company? Join Daniel as he explores this question with Mauricio Pordomingo, a Human Resources and Talent Leader in FMCG, most notably at Pepsico. Broadcasting live from Barcelona, they delve into the evolving role of HR and its potential to be a game-changing force in the corporate realm through:

  • The role of Human Resources in a global FMCG company and why it can fall into the trap of becoming operational
  • A Human Resources Leader as an advisor to the C-Level and the CEO
  • Talent: managing succession planning, balancing internals and externals
  • Leveraging Technology in HR: the impact of AI
  • Embedding DEI into a company’s culture