Joris de Bruyne (CEO at EyeSee) and Joanna Dumont (VP Insights): Insight to Innovation

How can companies come up with new, relevant innovations without proper quality insights? Our guests Joris de Bruyne (CEO at EyeSee) and Joanna Dumont (VP Insights with experience at Danone and Colgate) join us to explain how today’s technologies can give better, more complete and accurate answers to the classic questions when it comes to understanding the consumer. Get ready for a deep dive into the fascinating world of consumer insights through:

  • Answering questions: the primary role of insights and market reasearch across time
  • Eyesee’s unique mix-method research approach – the synergy of behavioral methods and surveys for more actionable insights
  • How insights leaders are getting together (Insights Lighthouse) to have a stronger voice in the industry
  • Agency x FMCG Brands relationship: how to get the most out of it
  • The power of Insights to debunk myths and pre-conceived thoughts