Jacques Van Cauwenberge on EU Grocery Retail: a Value Creation Agenda (with guest co-host David Sloff!)

Daniel is joined by guest co-host David Sloff in a conversation with FMCG Retail Expert and former Coca-Cola CCO Europe Jacques Van Cauwenberge in this conversation. With him, we explore the current challenging scenario between FMCG Brands and Supermarkets in Europe, and also what’s the route to a more strategic, positive and, ultimately, profitable and growth-oriented relationship.

Topics covered:

  • The change in shopping behavior, surge of different formats and other trends that have shaped the current challenging scenario between Retailers and Brands
  • The impact on Retailers and reactions to protect their P&Ls
  • Conflicts between brands and retailers: why they happen and the negative consequences for everyone
  • A value creation agenda to go back to sustainable growth