Christoph Sterkel, Head of eCommerce Europe at Kellanova: Digital Food Growth (Live from Shoptalk, with guest co-host Sri Rajagopalan from The CPG Guys)

The FMCG Guys take center stage at Shoptalk Europe with this live episode. Our guest is Christoph Sterkel, Head of eCommerce Europe (B2B, D2C, Marketplace) at Kellanova (Kellogg’s, Pringles). This podcast is also co-hosted by The CPG Guys’ Sri Rajagopalan, who also leans into the big topic of this conversation: the confluence between Foods and Digital.

 Tune into this conversation to learn about:

  • Kellanova’s various routes to consumer
  • Building both B2C and B2B capabilities
  • How to manage the different challenges along the way
  • The next horizon of capability building

Plus some questions from our live audience!