Gemma Spence (VML) and Anja Spielmann (Mars): 2024’s Digital Shelf

With 66% of FMCG’s growth coming from Digital Platforms, it’s obviously a no-brainer to invest in this channel. But with all the layers of complexity that have been added in the last few years, where do you start? Our two guests today, Gemma Spence, Chief Digital Commerce Officer at VML and Anja Spielmann, Global Brand Experience Director at Mars, join the show to show us the different levers brands can pull to win on the famous Digital Shelf in 2024.

In this conversation, you’ll learn about how to turn up online through:

  • The evolution of the Digital Shelf in the last years
  • Lower funnel vs. Upper funnel
  • Key Metrics when measuring online performance
  • How FMCGs are reorganizing internally as a consequence of the evolution
  • AI’s potential role in making companies more agile and fast
  • The Kitchen: Mars’ cross-agency collaboration platform