Never Run Out of Stock with Veena Giridhar Gopal, CEO salesBeat

veena giridhar

While consumer data, Shopper Marketing and insights are big in Consumer Goods Companies, this data can remain away from the sales teams and it is based uniquely on previous years’ results. Veena Giridhar-Gopal is the CEO of salesBeat, a company that helps plan demand so you never run out of stock, based on socio-environmental factors. With a background in Consumer Goods, we invited her on the Podcast to better understand how salesBeat helps companies sell more and better through the thorough analysis of the different variables.

On this episode we cover:

Why products run out of stock
– How Consumer Goods companies have historically reacted
– Sociological factors that affect consumer demand
– Predictive Analytics as a solution to out of stocks
– How salesBeat partners with companies in Consumer Goods to avoid out of stocks
– The impact of Predictive Analytics on company structures


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