Tomasz Kozlowski, VP Global Sales at Softserve Business Systems: Mythbusting FMCG Digital Transformation

Does Digital Transformation have to be hard? Is there a way to dodge some of the common headaches and understand the reality versus the myths?

Meet Tomasz Kozlowski, the VP of Global Sales at SoftServe Business Systems. He’s not just any expert; he’s a mythbuster who’s spent the last 15 years helping FMCG companies find clarity in the complicated world of tech. In this episode, co-hosted by Daniel and The CPG Guys’ Peter VS Bond we review the most common digital transformation myths, such as:

  • Digital Transformation is all about Technology
  • It will solve all my sales problems
  • It’s only for the Modern Trade Channel
  • Only large corporations can drive this change
  • Immediate ROI is guaranteed
  • We are tech advanced because we have a lot of systems
  • Data is the basis for Digital Transformation
  • ChatGPT will help you solve serious problems