PriceSpider’s Rae Guimond & Brett Banner: Unboxing Commerce

The consumer journey in today’s connected world is more complex and blurry then ever. In this episode, we bring you two experts from PriceSpider, the world’s leading commerce platform: Rae Guimond, Director GTM Strategy and Brett Banner, SVP Strategy. With them, we’ll aim to unpack all the complexity and deliver actionable outcomes for progressive FMCG brands. Coinciding with the publishing of their Strategies for Grocery Brands to Thrive Amid Economic Uncertainty, North American & European Brands Ecommerce Survey 2023, and they come to the show to speak about:

  • Take-aways from their recent consumer survey
  • Top priorities and pain points for FMCG companies in 2024
  • What the shopper journey looks like nowadays and how FMCG companies can break through the noise and engage with them
  • How can FMCG break down internal silos for a common effort in a connected commerce world
  • Tips for consumer goods brands to stay relevant in a connected commerce world