Mert Damlapinar on how to win in FMCG eCommerce in 2024

Mert Damlapinar, also known as Ecommert, is an author, speaker and recognized authority in the Digital/eCom FMCG world with a tenured career in Digital with the likes of Mondelez or L’Oréal. He joined Daniel to speak about:

  • The Bermuda Triangle: sales, marketing and data
  • Using Data as a common language to break cross-functional silos
  • The eras of eCommerce: Dawn, Bricks-to-Clicks and Highly Personalized Consumer era
  • Moving to Europe after over a decade living in the US and key observations of the European eCom Grocery market
  • How can European FMCG Brands make the most of eCommerce in 2024