Make Every Store Profitable with Anand Prabhu Subramanian, Co-Founder and CEO at Infilect

When we think of artificial intelligence, we may link it to digital channels, but winning in physical retail is still the key to winning in the world of Consumer Goods.

In this episode with the Co-Founder and CEO of Infilect, Anand Prabhu Subramanian we’ll talk about how Image Recognition and AI technology can empower sales leaders. With him, we explore how AI can help Consumer Goods Companies boost sales in-store.

In this conversation, we cover:

– Post-Pandemic Changes in Retail
– Levers that contribute to a successful sale at a store
– Challenges faced in boosting sales performance in every store
– How FMCG Brands addressing inefficiencies in the store today
– The role AI technology is playing in complementing retail operations and retail businesses
– How FMCG stores will evolve in the future and what FMCG leaders need to do differently
– Key retail intelligence metrics
– How Sales Leaders can use insights to activate them in proactive business decisions