François Mayor, Head of Amazon EU at Groupe SEB: Winning on 1P and 3P

Groupe SEB is one of the leading small appliances companies globally. They own world-class brands like Tefal, Rowenta and Krups. Their Head of eCommerce François Mayor joins the podcast to speak about his path in Digital, from building basic capabilities, to growing into a leader heading up the company’s DTC offering and now the world’s largest online Retailer: Amazon.

Tune into this conversation to learn about:

  • Groupe SEB’s dimension across brands and channels
  • Getting into Digital back in 2012
  • Growing from a hands-on individual contributor to a team leader
  • His experience in DTC
  • Mastering Amazon: how they are currently operating and the difference between 1P and 3P
  • What’s the future of working with amazon and the 1/3P split.