Digital Shelf Best Practices with Andrew Pearl, VP Insights EMEA at Profitero

When we think of traditional commercial marketing, we focus on placement in the traditional store. Either in the isle or displays in the cashier, a lot of the work of the teams in Category Management and Retail Marketing do is securing that space to develop the right messaging to stop, engage and convert shoppers to purchase their products. In an omni-channel world, the digital shelf presents similar challenges but some dynamics are different.

To better understand these dynamics on the digital shelf, we invited Andrew Pearl, VP of Insights EMEA at Profitero (recently acquired by the Publicis Group). In this discussion, you’ll learn about:

– Publicis’ recent acquisition of Profitero
– The 3 Key imperatives to succeed on the Digital Shelf
– How to focus time and resources and avoid time waste
– The role of Amazon
– What’s next in Retail Media and the Digital Shelf