Data that Matters with Jo Campbell from eFundamentals

The proliferation of data in the last years has created a sense of need of its usage in the FMCG Retail World and, at the same time, a big challenge. But, which data actually matters? Is too much data too much? How can we choose the data that will actually be useful to commercial organizations?

To better understand how FMCG and Retail executives can maximize the potential of data, we’ve invited Jo Campbell from e.fundamentals, a leading Digital Shelf Analytics Agency.

In this conversation you’ll learn about:

– Driving greater data fluency in organizations

– Jo’s career path

– Making data relevant

– Empowering Sales / Key Accounts teams through data

–  Increasing Trade Promotion ROI

– Jo’s approach on leadership: being loyal to one’s self

– The future of data in FMCG