Christophe Mahaut, SVP Supply Chain Operations at Brooks Running: Scaling Operations

Christophe Mahaut heads up supply chain at one of the most exciting sports brands right now: Brooks Running. Currently the leader in the performance running category in North America, the Seattle Based company has really ramped up in the last decade to become a global player. This growth wouldn’t be possible without a solid operational backbone, which is already preparing for the next growth stage. Tune into this podcast to learn how Christophe is preparing to reach more consumers and shares his thoughts on:

  • His career beginnings and how he ended up in supply chain
  • Transitioning from Fast Moving Consumer Goods to Sports Apparel
  • The runner at the center as the key reason behind Brooks’ last successful years
  • Supply Chain Complexity: what are the key pillars of the function
  • How global challenges will affect trade routes
  • What Supply Chain Leaders need to do to have a “seat at the table” and occupy a central function in a company’s strategy