Chris Perry, Chief Learning Officer at firstmovr: The Shopping Basket of the Future

Chris Perry, one of the pioneers of FMCG eCommerce, is finally on The FMCG Guys! Currently co-heading firstmovr, he’s on a mission to educate & empower people and organizations embrace the fast pace of change in today’s Retail and Consumer World. Jump on the show & you’ll learn about:

  • A career that went from FMCG to Agency and back!
  • Starting firstmovr and what this movement is all about
  • Challenges for Brands in today’s eCommerce
  • How to drive incrementality by taking a full-funnel approach
  • Influencing in-store from an omni perspective
  • Measurement: how can brands quantify the impact on their business
  • How should brands think about growth from a total category management perspective