Ben Robins, Sr. Director Professional Services at Stackline: AI-Enabled Commerce

In this episode, we are joined by Sr. Director of Professional Services Ben Robins live from Stackline‘s EMEA Ecommerce Summit in Shoreditch, London. In an omnichannel world where FMCG brands are struggling to engage, attract and loyalize consumers, in this conversation you’ll hear how this AI-Enabled Retail Intelligence and Activation Platform is supporting over 7,000 in navigating this journey through:

  • Key Challenges FMCG Brands have when approaching commerce
  • Why the Digital Shelf has become crucial for brands
  • How to effectively engage with AI
  • Key trends in Consumer Goods commerce
  • Data: how to manage it to later get effective outcomes
  • The Loyalty issue: why so few consumers remain repeat purchase and what to do about it
  • Mapping consumer engagement points
  • Approaching cyber holidays such as Prime Day, Singles Day or Black Friday