Bahige El-Rayes, Partner at Bain & Company: Supply Chain, The Motor for Future Growth

In this episode, we visit Bain & Company‘s London Office to speak with Bahige El-Rayes, Partner specialized in Operations. In this conversation, you’ll hear his take on the current state of the Consumer Goods industry and how Supply Chain can play a role to help companies win in the future.

In this conversation you’ll hear about:

  • Bahige’s take-aways from the Procurement Leaders Converence
  • Post-COVID FMCG: are the winners now losers?
  • Main challenges for Consumer Goods companies to find growth
  • How companies can leverage Supply Chain for growth and the right KPIs and metrics to measure this
  • What type of leader a modern Supply Chain needs
  • Sustainability and circular supply chains: what’s happening there?