Q-Commerce with Antoine Durieux, EVP Retail & Network Strategy at Salsify

“Creating a recipe for disruption… ” our guest, Antoine Durieux, EVP of Retail & Network Strategy at Salsify, has an amazing background, having founded Alkemics in his 20s, creating a collaboration data & analytics platform for global brands and retailers to sell on the digital shelf.

Check out the latest FMCG Guys episode here, as Antoine shares his leadership story and covers an emerging disruptive trend in retail – quick commerce.  This new digitally-native channel, which delivers groceries in incredibly short amounts of time, has scaled rapidly across Europe.

Some of the topics of this discussion include:

  • Antoine’s journey from founding Alkemics to joining forces with Salsify
  • The biggest opportunities in FMCG right now
  • How q-commerce benefits consumers, brands and retailers
  • Top FMCG categories and key occasions at play
  • The 3 key imperatives for FMCG brands to win in q-commerce
  • How Salsify helps its clients thrive in this new reality