Alex Graf, Co-CEO at Spryker: Future of Commerce

Alexander Graf is one of Europe’s top e-commerce and Retail voices. Co-Founder of Composable Commerce leader Spryker, he also host two e-commerce podcasts (in German and English) and three others about different topics. In this episode, he joins Daniel live from Barcelona during this year Shoptalk to speak about the Top trends he sees in today’s commerce. from composable to China’s growing influence.

Get ready to get up to speed through:

  • Alex’s background and role at Spryker
  • Composable Commerce: what it’s all about
  • The evolution of eCommerce in the last decade
  • The Marketplace model
  • China’s growing influence and the impressive scale of the likes of Tiktok and Temu
  • The impact of this on FMCG